Give stock or securities as a charitable donation

Giving stock or securities as a charitable donation is an effective way to make an immediate impact with your gift while benefiting from significant tax benefits.

Toronto Rehab Foundation
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The Canadian government offers enhanced tax benefits for gifts of negotiable securities.  You may give stocks, bonds, futures and options, as well as shares in mutual funds and you will pay no tax on the capital gain. This greatly reduces the cost of making such a donation. Gifts must be made in the form of securities that are not sold prior to the donation being made.
Please advise Toronto Rehab Foundation of your intent to make a donation of stocks or securities.
You visit us here for more information and to complete the form 

Please provide the following:
  • The name, number and type (i.e. common or preferred) of securities to be donated
  • The approximate fair market value of the securities
  • The date you intend to make your donation
  • How you wish to designate your donation (i.e. specific campaign or area of interest)
  • The name and contact information of your financial advisor or broker
  • Any other relevant information about your donation
  • Please be sure to consult your financial advisor or broker of your intent to donate securities IN KIND to the Foundation.
Once the transfer is complete, the Foundation will deliver your official income tax receipt, as well as our sincere thanks!  The annual deadline for charitable donations is December 31st. Please do not delay, as some securities take four to six weeks to process.
Electronic transfers between financial institutions generally require the following timelines:
Most marketable stocks, bonds & mutual funds will take 3 to 5 business days.
Some less marketable securities, however, may take 4 to 6 weeks.

Please contact your financial advisor or ScotiaMcLeod for details.

For those less marketable securities, we reserve the right to refuse the donation. Gifts of marketable securities are receipted when the securities are sold by the Foundation's representative, ScotiaMcLeod.
The value of your charitable gift receipt is determined by the price that the Foundation receives for your shares. ScotiaMcLeod does not charge a commission to sell your securities. Most securities are sold the day that they are received. Less liquid securities may take several weeks to be sold. The Foundation reserves the right not to accept certain securities.

If you wish to consult a financial advisor but do not yet have one, or would like to learn more details about how to make a gift of stocks or securities, please feel free to contact our representative at ScotiaMcLeod:

Richard Woods, Director - Wealth Management, 416-863-7162.

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