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Thomson Rogers Lawyers
Recognizing the need for welcoming and dynamic meeting and education spaces for patients, families and staff in our Spinal Cord Rehab Program, Thomson Rogers is supporting a vital transformation of a Patient and Family Lounge at Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst Centre.

Their generous $200,000 donation will support the renovation of one of three underutilized spaces to create a multi-functional lounge for dining, socializing, assessments, family care conferences, education and activities in a bright, comfortable setting that offers options to configure for privacy. The Thomson Rogers Patient and Family Lounge complements the current $10 million renovation to rejuvenate Lyndhurst Centre into a modern, well-designed health care facility that meets patient and family needs for exceptional care and privacy.

"The Thomson Rogers personal injury team is very proud to be long term supporters of Toronto Rehab," said Stephen Birman, partner at Thomson Rogers. "We envision the Thomson Rogers Patient and Family Lounge as a bright open space that will allow patients, families, care givers and hospital staff to work and be together while working through the rehabilitation process."

Each year, an estimated 1,000 Canadians are permanently disabled as a result of spinal cord injuries or disease and approximately 40,000 people live with spinal cord injuries. Toronto Rehab has an unparalleled wealth of experience in helping patients with spinal cord injuries rebuild their skills and recapture their lives.

Located at Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst Centre, the Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program is the largest rehabilitation program in Canada for people with spinal cord injuries and related non-traumatic neurological conditions. Toronto Rehab supports patients who have been injured in accidents, have suffered strokes or have diseases such as spinal stenosis, spinal bifida, or are suffering inflammation from infection, transverse myelitis or tumors. Conditions vary from complete paralysis to incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI) with chances of full recovery and mobility. 

We strive to incorporate into our program safe and welcoming spaces for rehabilitation as well as the latest innovations in brain and spine rehabilitation such as robotics, brain/machine interface, functional electrical stimulation and other smart technologies that are making a big difference in recovery and quality of life.

Thank you to Thomson Rogers for embracing our vision to advance care at Lyndhurst Centre and for your incredible commitment to our patients, staff and families.
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