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RBC - Partner in Innovation
RBC Foundation knows how vital innovation is to the future of healthcare.

Toronto Rehab Foundation is grateful to RBC Foundation for its transformational $1 million donation to establish the RBC Innovations Fund and to support the Innovations Gallery. In recognition of their generosity, the gallery has been renamed the RBC KITE Innovations Gallery.

RBC Foundation has a long history of leadership in social innovation and enhancing the lives of Canadians living with disability. Through its donation, RBC Foundation is establishing an integrated educational program that will inform and inspire the community about health innovation and home-health technologies.

The newly renamed RBC KITE Innovations Gallery is not only a place to learn, but a place to experience research in action. The RBC KITE Innovations Gallery is delivering education and community outreach programs to galvanize interest and involvement in rehabilitation, prevention and health technology research.

“Access to leading-edge rehabilitative care is an integral part of keeping our communities healthy,” says Shari Austin, Vice- President, Corporate Citizenship and Executive Director, RBC Foundation. “As our population ages, the health innovations and home-care technologies that KITE produces will become increasingly important, and that’s why RBC is proud to support this important initiative.”
The Innovations Gallery is an extension of Toronto Rehab’s KITE research institute. It is a dynamic and fully interactive learning centre with an array of multimedia displays. It serves as a platform to profile and promote premiere research, and to further encourage and educate young thinkers through student-focused workshops. KITE specializes in bringing concepts to commercialization, with a focus on business development and entrepreneurship.
“At KITE we believe in sharing our ideas and solutions to educate and to ultimately improve quality of life,” says Dr. Geoff Fernie, Senior Scientist, Toronto Rehab. “Thanks to the generosity of RBC, we have established this space to demonstrate recent findings, new products and updated treatments.

KITE is committed to training and mentoring by providing students with first-hand access to the most advanced rehabilitation engineering facilities in the world.
“With the help of RBC Foundation, Toronto Rehab will continue to cultivate innovative solutions to help future generations live happier and healthier lives,” says Cindy Yelle, President and CEO, Toronto Rehab Foundation. “Simultaneously, we are inspiring the interest of our future innovators in the RBC KITE Innovations Gallery.”
In Photos: Shari Austin, Vice-President, Corporate Citizenship and Executive Director, RBC Foundation (top left) tours KITE with Jahvanna Ryan, KITE program coordinator.

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