Geriatric Care
As well as leading in physical rehabilitation, Toronto Rehab is at the forefront of complex cognitive and psychosocial needs.
Thanks to donor support, our geriatric program facilities at University Centre were designed to provide full-spectrum care within a residential atmosphere.
Enhanced features include wider hallways, specially designed light fixtures and soft lighting, as well as customized flooring and furniture. Toronto Rehab strives to provide a calm environment with meaningful experiences and activities such as exercise and cooking classes and musical programs.  A new Outdoor Patient Therapy Rooftop Garden has also opened as an extension of the Geriatric Rehabilitation Unit on the 5th floor.  Learn more
Donor support has enabled Toronto Rehab to provide personalized care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other complex conditions.
“At Toronto Rehab our dedicated and highly-skilled team of inter-professional specialists works to improve symptoms and manage responsive behaviours so that patients can live in the least restrictive environments for as long as possible,” says Dr. Ron Keren, Medical Director and Geriatric Psychiatrist. “Rehabilitation is about optimizing the quality of life for our patients and their families.”
Toronto Rehab Foundation raises funds to support a full complement of care to meet the growing and complex needs of our patients.
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