Dr. Milos Popovic: Rock Star Scientist
Dr. Milos Popovic, Director of Research at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, has been with Toronto Rehab throughout his career and has an incredible list of scientific accomplishments that includes leadership of the new CenteR for Advancing Neuro-technological Innovation to Application (CRANIA) project.
Dr. Milos R. Popovic understands that one person discovering a major advance is something from Thomas Edison’s time. What has not changed, he believes, is the need for “the courage to try different things and take risks.” Donors enable our scientists to harness that courage and take those risks.

Dr. Popovic, Director of Research at Toronto Rehab and Professor at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, is both an electrical and mechanical engineer by training. At Toronto Rehab, master problem solvers like engineers help create solutions for health care. Our extended team approach brings together a great variety of disciplines including not only engineers but also medical doctors, scientists, therapists and nurses, all working in a collaborative environment.
He has developed and implemented multiple generations of neuroprostheses for reaching, grasping and walking and these devices played an enormous role in his exploration of neuroplasticity and neurorecovery. He also developed and created start-up company MyndTec Inc. which uses neuromodulation to help stroke, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury patients regain voluntary movement in upper extremities. 

The best way to imagine MyndMove’s impact is trying the following. Put one hand in your pocket and then open a water bottle and drink out of it, take a bank card out of your wallet and withdraw $20 from an ATM machine, put sun screen on your face, ears and neck, and brush your teeth. Then imagine your hand in a pocket for the rest of your life. This is how many stroke patients feel today. Now imagine that you can move your hand. This is what MyndMove therapy accomplishes.

With philanthropic support, inventions like Dr. Popovic’s can continue to provide patients here and around the world with opportunities to regain their lives.
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