Danielle Kane
“My name is Danielle Kane. You may know that I am one of the people who was shot on the Danforth this summer.” - Danielle Kane
"My name is Danielle Kane. You may know that I am one of the people who was shot on the Danforth this summer. What you may not know is that I am a second-year nursing student who has always cared deeply about others, especially marginalized folks."

"On Sunday June 22nd, my partner Jerry and I were out with our friend, Patricia, to celebrate her birthday. We were dining on the patio when staff asked us to come inside, saying there was a gunman in the area. Moments later, we learned someone had been shot. Shocked and concerned, Jerry (an ER nurse) and I rushed out to offer our assistance. I had taken one step out the door when I saw a man across the street who was standing still with arms at his sides. Suddenly, there was a bright red flash and the sound of gunfire.  In that split second, he had shot at us and one bullet hit me on the left side of my chest. It shattered my T11 vertebra, and pierced through my stomach and diaphragm. Four surgeries later, I was sent to start my rehab at Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst Centre where I was assessed as a complete paraplegic. 

With my Toronto Rehab care team, we made plans for me to become independent.  I was pushed, motivated, educated, cared for and above all I was listened to. I spent over two months as an inpatient and will continue to do outpatient therapy there. My goal was to become as independent as possible so I could come home. I wanted to free up a bed for someone else. 

My care has been nothing but exemplary. Not every day is good, I have lots of pain, but I am rewarded with the unbelievable gestures of kindness from the people of Toronto. 

Thanks to Toronto Rehab and the so many kind and caring people who have honoured me with their support, I am home making plans to go to Newfoundland and spend Christmas with Jerry’s family.  The nursing school is working to accommodate my mobility issues so I can continue my program. The holidays are a time for sharing and giving back so I ask you to consider supporting Toronto Rehab, a place where incredible happens. I am living proof."

The Toronto Rehab Foundation is grateful to Danielle for sharing her story in December 2018.
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