Conquering Concussion
Innovative approaches to concussion recovery are being implemented at the new Hull-Ellis Concussion & Research Clinic.
Led by Dr. Mark Bayley (in photo - right), Medical Director of the Brain & Spinal Cord Rehab program, researchers and clinical specialists are now able to better collaborate in their quest to improve the speed of recovery from concussion. Currently, there are no evidence-based treatments that have been proven solidly to make people get better from a concussion faster.  Dr. Bayley and his team are hoping to change that.
"There is a clear opportunity to improve access to specialized concussion care in Ontario. It is our duty as health professionals to enhance system change. Donor support is helping to expedite essential changes in concussion treatment," says Dr. Bayley.
Unique in offering and evaluating a full spectrum of care and interventions, Clinic patients of all ages will receive a full complement of care and follow-up services from its team of physicians, researchers, physiotherapists and psychologists, including Dr. Paul Comper (in photo - left), a neuropsychologist and NHL Players’ Association consultant.
Co-founding honouree, Ron Ellis, holds Toronto Rehab’s work in concussion care close to his heart as doctors believe that concussions sustained during his hockey career led to his struggle with depression.
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