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The Internet has changed the way Canadians conduct their daily activities and how they access health information; bringing to light the movement of the e-patient. Through our Health e-University virtual colleges, Toronto Rehab is taking our proven best practices beyond our walls to international audiences and individuals in remote places, enabling access regardless of geography, income, or language barriers. Through the support of interactive e-learning, our donors and corporate partners are helping provide individuals with education and physician-verified information to maximize health and well-being.

Toronto Rehab’s Cardiac College: A World-First

Cardiac Rehab is a cornerstone of Toronto Rehab. Located at Rumsey Centre, our program is an international leader that educates and encourages patients to adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle. It provides personalized programs focused on physical activity, lifestyle education and psychosocial support to individuals living with chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes.


An online, best-in-class educational curriculum for the cardiac rehab population, Cardiac College is available to patients and graduates to empower long-term success.
“We firmly believe that individuals with chronic illness have the power to take control of their own health through certain lifestyle changes,” says Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program.
“We provide them with the best care possible to get them back to life. The impact of our program will be more profound through Cardiac College.”
Cardiac College is aiming to provide a curriculum of 10 interactive modules, with subject matter including risk factors and lifestyle changes for cardiac rehab patients and their families. The curriculum will be offered in print and online via manuals, webcasts and e-learning modules.
The College is creating videos, blogs, social media platforms and an ‘Ask the Expert’ forum to maximize the user experience. Toronto Rehab is in the process of adapting and translating the program into the most common languages spoken in Toronto, such as Portuguese and Chinese.
Funds raised through Toronto Rehab Foundation’s annual fundraising walk, On Track to Cardiac Recovery, have helped support Cardiac College.
Thank You Longo's!
Longo’s is helping us educate individuals and families about buying healthy, cooking healthy and eating healthy through their $250,000 Cardiac College Healthy Eating program partnership. The portal features a variety of exciting educational videos and tools to help you make better nutrition choices for a healthier lifestyle.
 Check it out!


Toronto Rehab recently launched a new 12-week patient education program called Cardiac THRiVE (Targeted Health Risk Intervention and Education) on the Cardiac College website. Cardiac THRiVE provides a more structured way to interact with the Cardiac College curriculum. The program was co-developed by our inter-professional team and Patient Partners. THRiVE is based on models of chronic disease self-management and behaviour change, and aims to improve health literacy and self-management and ultimately change health outcomes.
Each week of THRiVE uses a Learn, Plan, Do, Reflect structure. The Learn section includes a short animated video on one of our five pillars: Treat Heart Disease, Get Active, Eat Healthy, Feel Well, and Take Control. To promote behaviour change, participants receive actionable tips on how to improve their health then create weekly action plans and reflect on their experience. Three of the weeks are dedicated to the Eat Healthy pillar of the college: Choose Healthy Foods, Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food, and Eat the Mediterranean Way. The resources section within THRiVE directs users to the Eat Healthy section of the website.
Participants can return to the website after the program to continue to access the action planning and reflection tools.

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