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CIBC Clinical Research Fellowship in Cancer Rehab
The CIBC Clinical Research Fellowship in Cancer Rehab is helping Canada’s growing number of cancer survivors to combat the effects of treatment and recapture their lives.
CIBC’s visionary $200,000 investment through our Where Incredible Happens campaign has pioneered this Canadian first-of-its-kind fellowship in recognition of the vital need for clinical expertise that is focused on cancer recovery and survivorship.

Approximately one in two Canadians is expected to develop cancer during their lifetimes.  While aggressive cancer treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy may save lives, the fight to survive take its toll on the body.

Rehabilitation plays an essential role in supporting cancer survivors by minimizing the potential risk of long-term disability, improving daily function and maximizing quality of life. Offering the Greater Toronto Area the only program that provides inpatient and outpatient comprehensive cancer rehabilitation care, Toronto Rehab is leading the nation in expanding knowledge and practice in cancer rehabilitation.

Under the mentorship of Canada’s only trained cancer rehab physiatrist, Toronto Rehab’s Dr. Eugene Chang, physicians train in Cancer Rehab while contributing their knowledge, skills and care to our Musculoskeletal & Multi-System Rehabilitation Program.

“Cancer rehabilitation is still very much a growing field and there are not many healthcare institutions in the world with established cancer rehabilitation programs and fellowship training opportunities,” says inaugural CIBC Fellow Dr. Chin Jung Wong, who began his term in September 2017.

“The reputation of Toronto Rehabilitation Institute as a premier rehabilitation research centre is second to none.  I was, therefore, ecstatic, when I heard of my acceptance into the clinical cancer rehabilitation fellowship program at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, made possible through the very generous funding of CIBC."

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In photo (left to right): Dr. Eugene Chang with inaugural CIBC Fellow Dr. Chin Jung Wong.
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