Chairholder: Dr. Cathy Craven
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Chair in Spinal Cord Injury Research
Funded by Toronto Rehab Foundation, this Chair supports new important areas of investigation with potential to enhance the health and neurorecovery of individuals living with spinal cord injury. 

Dr. Craven is a Senior Scientist, Team Leader of the Neural Engineering and Therapeutics (NET) Research Team and heads up the Central Patient Recruitment team at Toronto Rehab. She is an Associate Professor in the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto. She leads the field with her clinical and research expertise in the prevention and management of sublesional osteoporosis and health services for patients living with multi-morbidity after spinal cord injury. Dr. Craven leads the SCI-High project to develop and implement structure, process and outcome indicators of quality SCI rehabilitation care nationally by 2020, is Chair of the Rick Hansen Institute’s CARE Committee and founding Chair of the new Canadian Spinal Cord Injury – Rehabilitation Association (CSRI-RA) created to promote access and inclusion for individuals living with SCI. She has been Chair/Co-Chair of the National SCI Conference since its inception in 2004. 
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