Chairholder: Dr. Geoff Fernie
Creaghan Family Chair in Prevention Research and Health Technologies
Providing real-world solutions that will have meaningful impact
A growing body of research shows that early and customized prevention programs can help to dramatically improve outcomes for our aging population, including lower hospital admission/readmission rates and decreased visits to physician offices and emergency rooms. This Chair will build capacity by developing innovative rehabilitation products and by training a new generation of engineers and clinicians to develop and apply technology to prevent accidents and illness. 

Geoffrey R. Fernie is a Senior Scientist at Toronto Rehab and a Professor at University of Toronto. Dr. Fernie’s passion is the search for practical solutions to common problems of daily living for an aging population, people with disabilities and their caregivers. Dr. Fernie has a track record of taking inventions from the laboratory to market. He has commercialized 11 products and 3 currently in clinical trials and has helped to launch several companies.  He has over 140 peer-reviewed journal papers/ book chapters, 22 awarded patents and an additional 13 patent filings. His main research focus is on increasing safe mobility. He reduces falls through improved environmental design and footwear and increases safety for older drivers. He also develops and is commercializing technology to reduce the large numbers of patients who catch infections when in hospital.

Read about Dr. Geoff Fernie receiving the Order of Ontario, here.
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