Toronto Rehab’s KITE Young Innovators Program provides tools and knowledge to engage our next generation of problem-solvers

To learn about opportunities to support the KITE Young Innovators Program, contact:

Toronto Rehab Foundation
T: 416-597-3040
In STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) studies and offers them a springboard to success. Through interactive tours, interactions with researchers and guided activities, the Program reveals the positive, tangible impacts that young participants (grades 1-12) can have on society.

Through partnering with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and other Ontario schools and youth groups, the KITE Young Innovators Program  offers a no-charge, inclusive educational experience to schools and helps fills a gap in the Ministry of Education funding of STEM programs.

KITE Young Innovators Program activities are based on the research processes at Toronto Rehab and educate students on how to develop a creative concept, move to design, redesign and eventually produce a product, device or process. Activities are focused on real world problems and are tailored to grade level and subject. Students are able to observe active research within a hospital setting while having access to novel technologies such as 3D printers; machine, wood, plastics and electronics workshops; motion capture technology, and other amenities.

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