Staff and Students Make Incredible Happen

The generosity of donors helps provide meaningful scholarships and bursaries to our staff who seek to further their education and enhance their work with patients. Scholarships are established to be awarded on a yearly basis and are an exemplary way to honour staff and students who are working to make a difference in the lives of countless patients. 
Through full clinical placements supported by fellowships, we train students in the nuances of rehab care, sharing our knowledge, insights, discoveries and best practices.  In the process, we are contributing to the creation of tomorrow’s rehab leaders, people who will serve in health-care institutions across Canada and around the world and who will advance rehab for many years to come.
We offer thoughtful donors a variety of giving opportunities that support our important academic mandate as Canada’s top teaching hospital focused on rehabilitation.
We offer fellowships, scholarships and bursaries to our students and staff to further clinical expertise and enhance work with patients.
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