16 December. 2020
Take a virtual tour of our KITE Research Institute
Located two storeys below busy University Avenue, Toronto Rehab's Challenging Environment Assessment Laboratory (CEAL) is home to four state-of-the-art simulators and a massive motion base that can recreate many common challenging environments known to people.

You can now take a virtual walk through the KITE Research Institute's CEAL and get a behind the scenes look at the space dubbed "Rehab NASA".

One of the University Heath Network's many hidden gems, the lab allows scientists to recreate icy floors, slippery bathtubs, noisy streets and hazardous driving conditions to uncover the science behind accidents and falls in an effort to prevent injury. This is vitally important given that falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury and death, especially in older adults.

With the arrival of the pandemic, KITE was forced to cancel all in-person tours and visits, but with the launch of its new virtual tours, everyone can walk through the space and get a behind the scenes look into the life-saving research that takes place in these simulators.

We invite you to discover the technology, engineering and science that puts Toronto Rehab and the KITE Research Institute on the map as the top rehabilitation research hospital in the world. 
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