16 November. 2019
Entrepreneurship Medal for Director of Research
Congratulations to our Director of Research, Dr. Milos Popovic, who was honoured by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) and Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) with an Ontario Professional Engineers Award.

Dr. Popovic received the Entrepreneurship Medal for applying new technologies or innovative approaches that have enabled new companies to get started.

Dr. Popovic’s research has led to the creation of MyndMove, a non-invasive electrical stimulation therapy for restoring upper-limb function in people with severe upper-limb paralysis due to conditions such as stroke and spinal cord injury. MyndMove trains new neural pathways in the brain and spinal cord, enabling improvement and recovery of voluntary movement. This transformational therapy enables severely paralyzed individuals to regain control over their arm and hand function many years after injury.

The therapy has helped more than 300 individuals with upper-limb paralysis to restore their arm and hand function. A 2008 recipient of the Ontario Professional Engineers R&D Medal, Popovic co-founded MyndTec to launch MyndMove commercially, leasing the technology to rehabilitation clinics. He serves as director and chief technology officer and is involved in all aspects of product design, as well as building its intellectual property portfolio and securing regulatory approval. The MyndMove system is now available in approximately 20 clinics across Canada and the U.S., with another 70 in the works.

The Toronto Rehab Foundation congratulates Dr. Popovic on this award and for making incredible happen at Toronto Rehab, every day.
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