29 October. 2019
Behind the Breakthrough with Dr. Milos Popovic
Hosted by Christian Coté, Behind the Breakthrough is a podcast all about groundbreaking medical research and the people behind it at University Health Network, Canada's largest research and teaching hospital. 

For most, the pursuit of discovering a cure or better treatment is personal. You can feel their passion in these intimate one-on-one conversations about their pioneering work and revealing personal stories of how they got to where they are today.

Episode 4 – Robotics, rehabilitation therapy and learning from failure, with Dr. Milos Popovic. Listen to the podcast 

Dr. Milos Popovic, award-wining scientist and director of Toronto Rehab’s research arm, KITE, talks about his transformational shift from aerospace engineering to rehabilitation research. He describes how it led to his invention of a medical device that delivers electrical stimulation to restore upper limb mobility to people with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and stroke. 

Originally from Belgrade, Dr. Popovic shares how he narrowly escaped Yugoslavia’s brutal civil war as military soldiers banged on doors looking for conscripts. 

By fate, he received a call from a professor at the University of Toronto asking if he’d like to come study in Canada, and just days later he was on a flight to Toronto. That professor, Dr. Andrew Goldenberg, spearheaded the field of robotics at U of T and would become Dr. Popovic’s longtime mentor, empowering him to then mentor a new generation of scientists at Toronto Rehab.

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