12 November. 2019
Behind the Breakthrough with Dr. Jennifer Campos
By simulating real life challenges in Toronto Rehab’s renowned Challenging Environment Assessment Lab (CEAL), Dr. Jenny Campos is finding ways to help older adults live well. We invite you to learn about the driving force behind her research in falls and driving collision prevention in the elderly. 

Episode 6 of Behind the Breakthrough - Overcoming ‘impostor syndrome’ and helping the elderly live well, with Dr. Jennifer Campos  

In this episode of Behind the Breakthrough, Dr. Campos delves into her pioneering work with virtual reality and motion simulation technologies, how she has learned to find a work-life balance in academia, and why it’s so important to mentor the next generation of young scientists in STEM.

This podcast helps us spotlight November as Fall Prevention Month. Falls remain the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations among Canadian seniors. From the development of innovative mobility products, non-slip winter footwear and improvements to accessibility and building codes – to a Falls Prevention Program that provides assessment, education and exercise classes to help people prevent falls – Toronto Rehab is a leader in the field of falls prevention.

Hosted by Christian Coté, Behind the Breakthrough is a podcast all about groundbreaking medical research and the people behind it at University Health Network, Canada's largest research and teaching hospital. 
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