09 March. 2020
A Recipe for Success
Toronto Rehab Foundation is excited to celebrate Nutrition Month 2020 with our latest Wellness Webinar on a NEW rescheduled date of April 22nd: A Recipe for Success. Register today 

March Nutrition Month focuses on the skills, value and expertise of dietitians who want to encourage Canadians to be mindful of their eating habits, cook more often, enjoy their food, and eat meals with others.  Dietitians work with their patients, clients and communities to understand their unique needs as well as their tastes and preferences.

Because appropriate nutrition therapy can decrease the impact of many medical conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension, Registered Dietitians and Clinical Diet Technicians are vital members of many of our care teams at Toronto Rehab.  They provide assessment, education, and counseling to patients, families and caregivers; translating the complex science of nutrition into practical dietary advice.   

Join us for our free Wellness Webinar in The Blakely Health Innovation Series on April 22nd to learn the ABC’s of eating right. Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director of Toronto Rehab’s Cardiac Rehab Program, with Registered Dietitians Nilou Deilami and Karley Fallaise, will discuss the basics of nutrition. They will help us navigate through the increasingly complex landscape of healthy eating, food marketing and popular diets. You will learn how to make confident food choices that will help optimize your health.

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