I Give @ UHN

To learn more about I Give @ UHN for Toronto Rehab, please contact:

Toronto Rehab Foundation
T: 416-597-3040
E: trf@uhn.ca

At Toronto Rehab the quality of work is unique. We are a fantastic group of people who work together as a team with the very best intentions of the patients. Every year we become more efficient with the resources we do have.
Staff giving allows staff the opportunity to enhance our programs and make available items not otherwise afforded through the operating budget such as the purchase of equipment, or support to important research and patient education initiatives.

I Give @ UHN provides a platform for staff to demonstrate our pride of being part of such an extraordinary organization.

Visit the I Give @ UHN website to make your contribution and select Toronto Rehab as the area you would like your donation to support. 

Click here to make your contribution (best viewed in Chrome or Mozilla web browsers).
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