Past Event22 Apr. 2020
A Recipe for Success
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Making healthy lifestyle choices help us maintain vitality as we age. The way we eat is widely recognized as critical to preventing and managing many illnesses and diseases; helping us to live longer and better. But what does healthy eating actually mean

This free Wellness Webinar in The Blakely Health Innovation Series helps us learn the ABC’s of eating right. Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director of Toronto Rehab’s Cardiac Rehab Program, with Registered Dietitians Nilou Deilami and Karley Fallaise, discuss the basics of nutrition. They help us navigate through the increasingly complex landscape of healthy eating, food marketing, popular diets, and questions around nutrition and dietary issues related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Learn how to make confident food choices that will help optimize your health.
Watch the live webinar from April 22nd, 2020 below
A Recipe for Success - Full webinar

Download a copy of the slideshow.

Download the Question and Answers missed in the live session.

If you would just like to watch a particular speaker below, please choose any of the following speakers:

Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director of Toronto Rehab’s Cardiac Rehab Program

Nilou Deilami, Registered Dietitian

Karley Fallaise from Loblaws, Registered Dietitian
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