The Brain and Spinal Cord Program

The Brain and Spinal Cord Program provides specialized rehabilitation for adults whose lives have changed because of brain injury, stroke, neurological conditions, and spinal cord injuries.
The Brain and Spinal Cord Program
  • Toronto Rehab is home to the leading brain injury program in Canada, developing standards and providing best practices in acquired brain injury rehab and stroke rehab.
  • The LIFEspan Service offers leading transition services to support youth with Cerebral Palsy and childhood acquired brain injury. 
  • As founders of Together in Movement & Exercise, TIME™, we partner with the community to offer a safe exercise program to promote well-being and ongoing recovery after discharge from rehab.
  • Our brain injury program seamlessly integrates inpatient and outpatient care together with innovative service delivery and clinics, including the Mobility Innovations Centre, Hull-Ellis Concussion Clinic, Rocket Upper Extremity Clinic and the Telerehab Centre for acquired brain injury. 
  • Our spinal cord rehabilitation program is the largest program in Canada and the 3rd largest in the world for people with spinal cord injuries and related non-traumatic neurological conditions.
  • We are at the forefront of game-changing adaptive technology and innovative treatments for patients living with the resounding effects of spinal cord injury.
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