Prevention and Wellness

Research at Toronto Rehab is focused on helping people live active, healthier and more independent lives. This aim has driven Toronto Rehab to create a wealth of health-related knowledge for Canadians, who are facing more health challenges than ever before.

As the proportion of Canada’s aging population increases, leading causes of death are shifting from infectious and acute diseases to chronic and degenerative diseases. This change demands a global focus on encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Toronto Rehab is seeking partners to help address this important issue by developing online platforms to share our proven education curriculums and empower long-term success.

“We firmly believe that individuals with chronic illness have the power to take control of their own health through lifestyle changes,” says Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director of the UHN Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program.

Health e-University

Health e-University will share best practices for the management and prevention of chronic diseases and will include interactive e-learning modules with webcasts, videos and blogs, as well as social and expert forums.

Health e-University will revolutionize the delivery of chronic disease management and prevention services by:

  • Increasing access to physician-verified information and healthy behaviour programs to individuals, regardless of barriers such as geography, financial constraints and language;
  • Promoting universal standards for the delivery of chronic disease management and prevention programs in hospitals, as well as health & wellness centres;
  • Creating opportunities for companies to integrate health management programs for employees in an effort to prevent chronic illnesses.

Cardiac College

Under the umbrella of the Health e-University, digital “Colleges” are being developed. The first of these, known as Cardiac College has already been launched and represents a world-first approach to empower people to adopt heart-healthy lifestyles.

You can join partners such as Longo’s, who is helping us educate individuals and families about buying healthy, cooking healthy and eating healthy through their Cardiac College Healthy Eating program partnership. The portal features a variety of exciting educational videos and tools to help you make better nutrition choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Funds raised through Toronto Rehab Foundation’s annual fundraising walk, On Track to Cardiac Recovery, have helped support Cardiac College.


ACCELERATION: Pan-Canadian Initiative in Chronic Disease Prevention

Toronto Rehab’s Dr. Paul Oh and three other rehab partners from Quebec, Nova Scotia and B.C. together launched ACCELERATION: a behavioural and lifestyle change intervention program. The 12-week activity, smoking cessation, healthy eating, alcohol intervention and motivation program offers lifestyle education and a tailored exercise plan to individuals who are at risk of developing chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Partners such as Medavie Blue Cross are helping support the expansion of this research initiative into on-line platforms


To support these Prevention and Wellness initiatives and more, please contact:

Arlene Manankil-Boyce, Director of Development
416-597-3422 ext. 3545