Industry Initiatives

Corporations can collectively make an enormous impact on advancing a unique and crucial element of the Canadian health care system.  Whether it be improving road safety, advancing health technology solutions, or transforming concussion care and rehabilitation, there is opportunity for industry sectors, in partnership with Toronto Rehab, to deliver innovations in health to improve life for all Canadians. 

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We are seeking corporate partners to invest in our top priorities, including:

Prevention and Wellness

The generosity of corporate partners enables Toronto Rehab researchers to translate important findings into powerful health tools for Canada and the world. Toronto Rehab is leading the way in prevention and wellness by using on-line platforms to achieve global impact in encouraging healthy lifestyles.  Learn more  

Sleep Apnea in the Trucking Industry: First of its Kind Driver Study

Toronto Rehab Foundation is seeking partnership support from key leaders in the insurance and trucking industries to enable pioneering research. Companies who help fund this study will advance knowledge in sleep apnea, improve health outcomes for those affected by sleep apnea, and improve road safety for truck drivers and all Canadians.  Learn more

A Strategic Vision for Canadian Road Safety: iDAPT DriverLab

Auto industry leaders can join Toronto Rehab, in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, in developing a one-of-a-kind driving simulator that will help build better driving standards and safer roads.  Through its renowned research enterprise, Toronto Rehab is influencing policy and practice by improving understanding around home and road safety, and the creation of innovative technology to build safer environments. Learn more

Check back soon for additional Industry Initiatives.

To learn more about Industry Initiatives, please contact:

Arlene Manankil-Boyce, Director of Development
416-597-3422 ext. 3545