Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance is helping keep drivers safe behind the wheel. We thank Intact for their $100,000 contribution to Toronto Rehab’s study of the prevalence of sleep apnea among long-haul truck drivers in Ontario, its relationship to motor vehicle accidents, and the feasibility of low cost diagnoses and treatment for truckers.

Among Toronto Rehab’s international leading areas of study is sleep apnea research. As our population ages, we recognize that more people will be touched by conditions such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes – all of which, we are now learning, are linked to sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea affects approximately 10% of the adult population. In North America, this translates to 18 million affected, 90% of whom have not been formally diagnosed.

In particular, sleep apnea poses a major concern for the Canadian trucking industry, contributing to a higher risk of motor vehicle accidents, poor work performance and other serious health conditions.

Toronto Rehab researchers are leading the way in developing innovative new technologies and treatments to better equip us to respond to the growing number of people living with sleep apnea and its related health conditions.

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In Photo: Terry Smith, VP, Specialty Solutions; Dr. Geoff Fernie, VP Toronto Rehab Research; Steve Glykis, Director, Long-Haul Trucking and Arlene Boyce, Director, Toronto Rehab Foundation.
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