Dr. Tania Bruno

Dr. Tania Bruno’s life passion is to improve the quality of life and health outcomes of those living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and that is exactly how she spends her days at Toronto Rehab’s Rumsey Neuro site. A Staff Physiatrist and also Director of Electromyography for Toronto Rehab, she specializes in interdisciplinary and outpatient treatment of persons with MS.

Dr. Bruno’s practice is unique, offering treatment of individual MS symptoms. There are many and varied strategies, on top of pharmacology, that aid in the treatment of pain, fatigue, depression or symptoms affecting movement and sensation. These strategies range from exercise and physical modalities, use of adaptive aids and bracing, cognitive behavioral therapies, energy conservation and pacing and even meditation and mindfulness. Dr. Bruno also emphasizes the importance of daily physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices to delay or slow down the progression of MS.

Teaching is a large part of Dr. Bruno’s role at TRI: mentoring residents and other medical and interdisciplinary learners, and chairing the Electromyography rotation that is mandatory for all Physiatry residents.

“To me, Toronto Rehab means excellence, it means striving for improvement, it means education and teaching and it means hope for persons with progressive, episodic or traumatic illnesses.”

Integral to the success of Toronto Rehab and rehabilitation medicine, says Dr. Bruno, is the interprofessional nature of care. At the core of rehabilitation, there is a respect and an awareness of the importance of various disciplines in the improvement of quality of life. The MS team at the Rumsey Centre is comprised of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Community Resource Workers, Speech-Language Pathologists, Neuro Psychologists and many other allied health support systems. 

Dr. Bruno truly dedicates herself to MS, and the longitudinal services she and her team provide, help make Toronto Rehab unique to the MS field. Her determination to make a positive impact on persons living with MS is felt by every patient, family member and medical professional with whom she interacts.

“My medical philosophy is all about the delivery of compassionate care and treating others the way I’d wish to be treated; to hear people, to answer and address their concerns to the best of my ability and to provide education and information that they can use to help themselves.”

With over 500 patients, Dr. Bruno says she feels inspired every day by them and their families for the determination they have to persevere amidst innumerable challenges. She is motivated by stories of loved ones who stay by their family member’s side through thick and thin.

“The human spirit keeps me going – these stories are what is most rewarding about my job.”

Dr. Bruno has been acknowledged through the Celebrate Your Rehab Champion tribute program that provides an opportunity for patients to donate to Toronto Rehab Foundation in honour of a staff member who made their experience exceptional.  Learn more
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