Dr. Dan Liberman

Dr. Dan Liberman, Medical Leader, Geriatric Rehab Program, provides consultation to all geriatric patients, addressing issues including cognition, memory, delirium, pain, mobility and managing multiple medications.

As Toronto Rehab’s first Geriatrician (Toronto Rehab now has three), Dr. Liberman has been instrumental in advancing the quality of care for elderly patients and establishing a new model of streamlined treatment.

Under Dr. Liberman’s leadership, the Geriatric Rehab Program is restructuring the patient admission process, aiming to help seniors bypass the emergency room or avoid unnecessary acute care hospitalizations.  “I have always been passionate about the care of elderly patients. Growing older is a beautiful thing, and I aim to help my patients lead long, healthy, lives filled with meaning.”

Ensuring health and safety requires safety precautions. For seniors and their loved ones, it is important to become informed and proactive in their care. “There is an abundance of free resources available to seniors,” explains Dr. Liberman. “Ask questions about your health and stay connected.”

Organizations like University Health Network (UHN), Alzheimer’s Society and local Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) provide excellent health and safety information for seniors.

He also encourages patients and families to take every safety precaution at home. “Outfit your house with a falls prevention system, wear a medical alert device or have an occupational therapist provide an in-home assessment.”

Most importantly, Dr. Liberman advises seniors to continue doing what they love to do. “Don’t give up just because you had a bad day,” he says. “Whether it is reading, being social or going to the theatre, continue to lead your life the way you want to, keeping in mind your safety and well-being.”

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