Lynsey Hayton

Lynsey Hayton, 25, was walking home from a quiet night with friends when she slipped on ice and fell face-first on the ground. Aside from injuries sustained to her nose, she felt fine.

However, while at work the next day she suddenly felt very nauseous and began to vomit. Her symptoms also included a severe headache, confusion and mild short-term memory loss.

“When I wouldn’t stop throwing up within a few hours, one of my colleagues pointed out to me that because I had fallen the night before, I probably had a concussion,” explains Lynsey.

Her colleague’s suspicions were confirmed at Toronto Western Hospital’s Emergency Room. Upon discharge, she was referred to Toronto Rehab’s Hull-Ellis Concussion and Research Clinic.

Within the first week of being treated at the clinic, Lynsey’s symptoms, including the nausea and short-term memory loss, were gone. She also found relief for the insomnia and vertigo that she suffered prior to her concussion.

“The doctor I saw at Hull-Ellis helped me recognize and deal with impairments that were directly caused by my concussion and symptoms that I lived with before it,” explains Lynsey. She now considers herself symptom-free for the most part.

“Hull-Ellis has benefited me so much in understanding and combatting my symptoms, so if the research gathered on my progress also benefits others too, then that’s even better,” says Lynsey.

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