Connie Cardoso: A TIME to Dance

In July of 2009, one month before her eldest son’s wedding, Connie Cardoso suffered a stroke while home with a bout of pneumonia. In the midst of her three-month inpatient stay at Toronto Rehab, Connie attended the wedding in a wheelchair and the assistance of a private nurse.

Resuming her rehabilitation, Connie re-learned how to walk and build core strength. Once back at home, she wanted to continue increasing her mobility and improving her balance. She found the support she needed through Toronto Rehab’s community-based program, Together In Movement and Exercise (TIME™).

“Every class we try to accomplish something different; a new physical goal. TIME™ has really helped me physically, socially and psychologically,” says Connie. “It’s given me mobility, confidence and life-long friends.”

TIME™ was an idea born out of Toronto Rehab’s neuro-rehabilitation program in 2007, through a unique partnership with Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation. Today, TIME™ classes are held in over 40 community centres across Canada, allowing participants to continually improve their fitness and quality of life.

“It embodies a new concept in health care, which is that health care remains involved in a patient’s life even after they’re out in the community,” explains Jo-Anne Howe, a recently-retired clinical educator and physiotherapist at Toronto Rehab, who spearheaded the program.

This past June, almost seven years after her stroke, Connie danced at her younger son’s wedding thanks to Toronto Rehab and the TIMETM program.

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