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Submit Your StoryAt the heart of Toronto Rehab are stories of courage; the courage of our remarkable patients who work every day to improve and the staff, volunteers and donors who encourage them on their journey through rehabilitation to recovery.

Below are some extraordinary rehabilitation stories. We are grateful to the many individuals who have chosen to share their experiences to encourage others. These stories are what set Toronto Rehab apart. They inspire us and we hope they will inspire you, too.
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Patient Stories
Kathy Burkhart
After five years of debilitating chronic pain, Kathy Burkhart found relief and the answers she’d been searching for at Toronto Reha...
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Connie Cardoso: A TIME to Dance
In July of 2009, one month before her eldest son’s wedding, Connie Cardoso suffered a stroke while home with a bout of pneumonia. I...
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Donor Stories
Fred A. Litwin
The visionary multimillion dollar donation from Fred A. Litwin has provided support and enhancement to Toronto Rehab’s outpatient s...
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Robert MacDonald: Never Ever Give Up
On December 8, 2013, a spontaneous decision changed Robert MacDonald’s life forever. “I fell 31 feet while on holiday,&rdquo...
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Staff Stories
Dr. Milos Popovic: Rock Star Scientist
Dr. Milos R. Popovic understands that one person discovering a major advance is something from Thomas Edison’s time. What has not c...
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Dr. Eugene Chang: Canada’s 1st Fellowship-Trained Cancer Rehab Specialist
Dr. Eugene Chang is unique. To say that he has walked a mile in a patient’s shoes is an understatement. His experience as a cancer ...
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