George and Anne Ploder

We are deeply grateful to the Ploder Family for their visionary and inspired investment in Toronto Rehab, and for recognizing the significant role we play in enhancing the lives so many Canadians impacted by disability.

Through their extraordinary gift, The Ploder Family Spinal Cord Therapy Project was established to remodel the therapy and exercise facilities in Toronto Rehab's Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program at Lyndhurst Centre.  The Ploders have helped transform Lyndhurst Centre into a modern facility that provides our patients with the equipment, tools and environment to accelerate their rehabilitation journey.

This project has helped Toronto Rehab continue to offer its renowned rehabilitation services to the community and allowed our inter-professional staff to motivate patients to persevere in overcoming the challenges associated with spinal cord injury. 

Inspired by the compassionate work of Toronto Rehab health care staff and researchers, their generous 2008 investment at Lyndhurst Centre helped enhance therapeutic possibilities through new therapy and skills-training in a new therapeutic facility. New state-of-the-art equipment has improved patients' mobility, function and balance. Their support has helped Toronto Rehab create a comfortable and modern environment for patients.

"We're delighted to offer this gift to help create a pleasant and inviting environment where patients will be inspired to use the equipment thus improving their quality of life."- George and Anne Ploder

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