David, Lynn and Jessica Coriat

Toronto Rehab Foundation is tremendously grateful to the Coriat family for their generosity and compassion towards youth living with disability.

Born with cerebral palsy, Jessica Coriat lives with limited mobility. As a child, she required extensive paediatric care and rehabilitation to have an increased quality of life. When she grew older and began the transfer to adult rehabilitation, the transition was made easier by the support and education through the LIFEspan (Living Independently Fully Engaged) Program at Toronto Rehab.

As children with disability move into adulthood, coordinated health care is critical to help youth stay healthy and avoid complications that can lead to hospitalization. The LIFEspan Program is a unique service that provides young adults, who have cerebral palsy or an acquired brain injury, with a bridge between paediatric and adult rehabilitation services.

At Toronto Rehab, under the care of experts including Dr. Mark Bayley, Medical Director of the Brain & Spinal Cord Program, three weeks into her new therapy, Jessica was able to increase her mobility and be pain free.

“I have improved quality of life thanks to the amazing care that LIFEspan provides,” says Jessica. “If it wasn’t for this amazing program, I would not be where I am today.”

Inspired by the changes they have witnessed in their daughter’s ability and confidence levels, Jessica’s parents, David and Lynn Coriat, made a $500,000 gift, which was matched by The Slaight Family Foundation, to Toronto Rehab and The LIFEspan Program.

“LIFEspan is such an important program for young adults with disabilities. When we saw the changes in Jess, we were moved to make a gift to thank Toronto Rehab for making such a positive impact on her life, and our lives,” says David Coriat, Vice President and CFO, Slaight Communications Inc. “Our donation is intended to help other young adults like Jess.”

Each year, Toronto Rehab’s LIFEspan Program cares for 220 people, and this number is anticipated to grow. “The challenges faced by youth transitioning from paediatric to adult care are vast,” says Dr. Mark Bayley. “With the guidance of The LIFEspan program, patients receive the comprehensive care they need to make this important transition as smooth as possible.”

The gifts from the Coriats and The Slaight Family Foundation provide much-needed funding to enhance care and provide patients like Jessica personalized treatment programs that help enable independence.

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