Toronto Rehab striving to prevent workplace accidents

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The annual National Day of Mourning on April 28th is dedicated to remembering those who have lost their lives, or suffered injury or illness on the job or due to a work-related tragedy. The Canadian Labour Congress first declared the Day in 1984 and it has now been adopted in over 100 countries.

Day of Mourning also marks a time where we can commit to protecting workers and preventing further workplace tragedies. Toronto Rehab’s world-leading iDAPT Centre for Rehabilitation Research is playing a vital role in studying areas of injury prevention, work-related injury and return to work afterwards, and developing new treatments, helpful products and evidence that guides changes to policy and public opinion. For example, researchers and clinicians are:

  • Broadening the scope of concussion care and examining the use of innovative assessment techniques and treatments to promote recovery through the Hull-Ellis Concussion and Research Clinic supported by the Toronto Rehab Foundation Golf Classic 
  • Inventing products to reduce caregiver injuries such as the SlingSerter™, a device that uses compressed air to effortlessly maneuver lifting straps under a patient
  • Developing and promoting important strategies for workers for brain injury prevention through initiatives such as the Work-related Traumatic Brain Injury Web-app. Learn more 
  • Studying the impact of sleep on mental health and work safety and performance
  • Innovating products to support falls prevention such as optimal boot sole grip material
“Today for #DayOfMourning I'll remember those who died or were injured or made ill at work, with a moment of silence”

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You can support Toronto Rehab’s continued efforts in helping prevent workplace accidents by funding research through our Where Incredible Happens campaign. Learn more 

On April 28th, our thoughts will be with all the workers and their families whose lives have been impacted by work-related tragedy.