RehabWeek 2019 showcases innovative solutions

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Toronto Rehab-UHN hosted RehabWeek 2019 - the largest rehabilitation conference of its type in the world - from June 24-28. More than 2,000 experts in science, technology, academics and industry descended on Toronto for this important bi-annual conference that last took place in London, England in 2017.

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RehabWeek is renowned for attracting professionals dedicated to the pursuit of innovations, devices and solutions that prevent injuries, restore function for those living with disabilities, increase participation, and help seniors live independent lives. 

"As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve in Canada and elsewhere, close co-operation between clinicians, engineers, researchers, scientists, health practitioners, policymakers, patients and industry is critical to developing solutions for our aging populations," said Dr. Milos R. Popovic, Director of the KITE Research Institute at Toronto Rehab and Chair of the RehabWeek 2019 organizing committee.

For winning the bid to host RehabWeek 2019, Toronto Rehab Drs. Milos Popovic and Alex Mihailidis received the 3rd Annual Leaders Circle Recognition Gala Award that honours top experts for strengthening Toronto's global reputation.

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Toronto Rehab Foundation is grateful to the R. Howard Webster Foundation for their sponsorship of RehabWeek 2019.

In Photo: Aaron Yurkewich, a doctoral student with the KITE Research Institute at Toronto Rehab, demonstrates the HERO Glove that was showcased at RehabWeek. HERO Glove is a robotic exoskeleton that's designed to help stroke and spinal cord injury patients regain function in their hands. Watch Video