New Sidney and Vicky Goldhart & Family Patient Entrance

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Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spaces within your spine, which can put pressure on the nerves that travel through it. Those with spinal stenosis may experience pain, tingling, numbness and muscle weakness. These symptoms can worsen over time.

This debilitating condition required surgery – as it does in severe cases – for Sidney Goldhart. Hoping for relief from the unrelenting pain, he was instead left with paralysis on his right side and was unable to walk following back surgery in 2011.

The hope that Sidney had held for the surgery to alleviate pain and increase his mobility was transferred to his team of physiotherapists and caregivers at Toronto Rehab. Located at our Lyndhurst Centre, Toronto Rehab’s Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program is the largest rehabilitation program in Canada for people with spinal cord injuries and related non-traumatic neurological conditions.

It was at Lyndhurst that Sidney found the motivation, support and tools he needed to overcome the effects of his surgery. He hoped to walk again and, thanks to his outstanding team at Lyndhurst, he did.

“I had wonderful treatment,” exclaimed Sidney. “The staff spent a lot of time with me. Thanks to them I am back in the community. I am much better than I used to be. I couldn’t walk before, now I can. Not perfectly, but much better.”

Wanting to inspire others on their own rehabilitation journey and ensure that they received the best possible care, Sidney began donating to the Toronto Rehab Foundation.

“I have to give back to the community,” explained Sidney. “You cannot live in the community and not give back. It’s important to give now and see how people can benefit. It’s moving to see someone bedridden and then see them walk out of the hospital.”

Seeing the impact of his steady support that has helped Toronto Rehab develop the leading rehabilitation research centre in the world, Sidney and his wife Vicky have now committed an extraordinary $1 million to the final phase of our $100-million Where Incredible Happens campaign.

On June 27, 2018, a sign was revealed that names the Sidney and Vicky Goldhart & Family Patient Entrance at Lyndhurst Centre to thank the couple for embracing Toronto Rehab’s potential to make incredible advances in patient care, research and healthcare technologies.

“You have a really good facility,” said Sidney. “People don’t understand where it is and what it does. But it’s really needed.”

By sharing inspiring stories of extraordinary donors such as the Goldharts, we know that more people will understand the amazing work and care that takes place at Toronto Rehab – a place Where Incredible Happens.

In photo: Vicky and Sidney Goldhart (middle) with Toronto Rehab Foundation President & CEO, Cindy Yelle (left), and Toronto Rehab Physiatrist-in-Chief and Medical Program, Dr. GaƩtan Tardif (right), at the Lyndhurst Centre celebration on June 27, 2018.