Hallisey Fellowship in Technology for Family Caregivers

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Pamela Hallisey’s experience caring for her husband at home during his extended illness has provided her with an acute understanding of the needs and challenges involved in assuming this role.

To help develop practical solutions to caregiving challenges, she and her family have established the Hallisey Fellowship in Technology for Family Caregivers through their support of the Toronto Rehab Foundation’s $100-million Where Incredible Happens campaign.

This research fellowship focuses on projects related to pressure injures and caregiver challenges and works to secure grants to advance research, technology and commercialization in this area. It has been estimated that 27% of families in Ontario have provided care continuously for the last 2 years and that almost half of family caregivers report a high level of physical and mental stress while 14% experience physical pain.

”I feel strongly about investing in people and education and our Family Fellowship does just that,” says Pamela.

She and her family have become important hands-on partners in helping Toronto Rehab drastically improve the caregiving experience for others.

“Pamela and her son Andrew have been fabulous partners,” says Dr. Geoff Fernie, Senior Scientist at Toronto Rehab. “They share their practical experiences of caring for a family member at home and actively participate in helping us develop solutions for problems frequently encountered by family caregivers.”

On Tuesday May 8th, Pamela and Andrew joined the newest incumbent Hallisey Fellow, Sharon Gabison, at Toronto Rehab’s iDAPT HomeLab for the unveiling of a plaque that recognizes the family’s generous philanthropic support.

Sharon completed her PhD at the University of Toronto, examining the relationship of trunk function and tissue health in individuals with spinal cord injury. She holds an MSc in Rehabilitation Science, a BSc in Human Biology, and a BScPT from the University of Toronto where she is currently also a Lecturer in the Department of Physical Therapy.

Since 2013, the Hallisey family has helped support a variety of research projects and initiatives, such as:

  • PostureCoach, a caregiver back injury prevention-training tool (a system that warns caregivers with a gentle vibration if they bend or twist too far);
  • SafeBack, an easy-to-use free posture evaluation App that is being implemented as a training tool in several healthcare programs;
  • Pressure sore prevention tools: SoreLoser, a pressure sore prevention prompting system that detects an individual’s lying position in bed to encourage regular movement and assist in preventing pressure sores; and, Smart-e-Pants, a wearable pressure sore prevention device.
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In Photo (L-R): The Toronto Rehab Foundation’s President & CEO, Cindy Yelle, with Pamela Hallisey outside the iDAPT HomeLab at Toronto Rehab where a plaque was recently installed to honour the Hallisey’s investment.