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Enabling research into safer driving, Toronto Rehab’s new DriverLab is the most advanced driving simulator in Canada and unique in the world.

While most driving simulator studies aim to improve car design, Toronto Rehab’s DriverLab will study drivers. The outcomes of DriverLab research will help reduce the emotional, physical, and financial costs of vehicle collisions, by reducing their occurrence.

Motor vehicle trauma has been referred to as a major, growing, public health problem – but limited research and resources have been dedicated to solving it. DriverLab aims to change that. The five main goals of Toronto Rehab’s DriverLab are to:
  1. Support independent aging through customized licensing. Too many older adults are involved in collisions. DriverLab will help allow older adults to continue driving as long as safely possible.
  2. Study the effects of medication on driving performance. DriverLab will be used to determine the effect of various drugs, such as opioids, on driving performance.
  3. Research the implications of drowsy driving. DriverLab will help address the associations between major sleep disorders (such as sleep apnea) and driving performance, and develop methods for preventing, detecting, and diverting drowsy driving.
  4. Determine the full effects of automated driving systems. DriverLab will evaluate the impact of modern car safety systems, semi-autonomous vehicle features, and driverless cars.
  5. Reduce driving simulator sickness. DriverLab will help develop optimized driving simulation technologies, for testing centres to use for driver training and testing purposes.
Read more at UHN News  Toronto Rehab is home to the number one rehabilitation research centre in the world and is truly Where Incredible Happens. To ensure that the best proven rehabilitation research, technology and care are available to our patients and the community now and in the future, Toronto Rehab has launched a historic $100-million fundraising campaign that supports initiatives such as DriverLab.
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