Building better heart health

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February is Heart Month. Affecting approximately 2.4 million Canadian adults, heart disease is the leading cause of death and disability globally.

Toronto Rehab’s Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program helps people with heart disease improve their cardiac health and fitness. It increases people's chance at life, and lessens their chances of being hospitalized again, by making lasting lifestyle and behaviour changes.

The Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program at Toronto Rehab-UHN is the largest cardiac rehabilitation program in North America. For more than 50 years, our program has been helping people recover their lives they knew prior to their heart event. It is based on the best evidence available within the field of cardiovascular rehabilitation.

When Ed O’Sullivan arrived at Toronto Rehab's Rumsey Centre for his first session of Outpatient Cardiac Rehab, he couldn't walk further than 10 feet without feeling winded. Now he’s walking a mile.

"There's a motivational energy here, as staff work hard to keep us focused on recovery," he says. “They're always reinforcing the importance of exercise, eating properly, paying attention to your body, and leaning on your network for support."

  • For online tools that can help you Live and Thrive with Cardiovascular Disease, visit Toronto Rehab’s Cardiac College
In Photo (L-R): Toronto Rehab’s Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program Medical Director, Dr. Paul Oh, and holder of the Toronto Rehab Chair in Cardiac Rehabilitation, Dr. David Alter, on the track at Toronto Rehab’s Rumsey Cardiac Centre.