New Physiatrist-In-Chief shares his vision

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Dr. Mark Bayley’s belief in the power of training and exercise is what led him to become a physiatrist – a doctor who specializes in physical medicine and rehab.

In his new position, he wants to work more collaboratively with internal and external partners to inspire, invent, and deliver tomorrow’s care. If you ask Dr. Bayley where the future of rehab lies, he's firm that it's in integrated clinical research.

"I want to make sure we don't miss opportunities to bring research into practice, provide our researchers with real-world advice, and introduce new solutions, faster,” said Dr. Bayley.

"We're world leaders in this area, and I'm excited to continue maximizing our impact."‚Äč

Evidence of successful integration can already be found in Toronto Rehab's Mobility Innovations Centre, the Hull-Ellis Concussion and Research Clinic, the Rocket Family Upper Extremity Clinics, and the Centre for Remote Brain Intervention.

Before becoming Physiatrist-In-Chief and Program Medical Director for Toronto Rehab this past fall, Dr. Bayley served as Medical Director of Toronto Rehab's Brain & Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program and Chief Medical Officer of Altum Health.

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Toronto Rehab is home to the top rehabilitation research centre in the world and is truly where incredible happens. Philanthropy plays a vital role in bolstering the infrastructure that Toronto Rehab requires to turn the ideas of our clinicians and scientists into home, community, and hospital-based advancements and innovations.

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