Advancing innovations to treat Epilepsy

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Approximately 50 million people worldwide (an estimated 1 in 100) have epilepsy, making it one of the most common neurological diseases globally.

On March 26th we are participating in Purple Day to help increase awareness of this chronic disorder of the brain.

To accelerate study in managing and treating brain disorders such as Epilepsy, while propelling novel neuro-technological breakthroughs, Toronto Rehab has launched CRANIA (CenteR for Advancing Neurotechnological Innovation to Application).

CRANIA will create advanced ‘neuromodulation’ therapies that work by stimulating specific brain regions involved in neurological diseases and conditions. CRANIA’s researchers will use the cutting-edge equipment to identify brain regions involved in disease, and develop and customize new ‘smart’ implantable devices to target these specific regions for therapeutic purposes.

An unprecedented $20-million to the Toronto Rehab Foundation’s Where Incredible Happens Campaign is helping support CRANIA through The Walter and Maria Schroeder Institute for Brain Innovation & Recovery.
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We invite you to wear purple on March 26th to join the Purple Day grassroots effort.

In Photo (UHN): Dr. Milos Popovic (right), Toronto Rehab’s new Director of Research and leader of CRANIA, delivers functional electrical stimulation (FES) therapy that is currently used to generate movement in people who have been paralyzed due to injury.