Toronto Rehab leads WHO rehab recommendations

One billion people worldwide live with disability – and 80 per cent of these individuals live in low or middle-income countries, which have little to no rehabilitation care. The World Bank hopes that by investing in comprehensive rehabilitation, people with disabilities will have improved health and increase their participation in education and work, which will enhance productivity in these countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) was asked to provide guidance on how to spend the funds. Toronto Rehab Senior Scientist and Physiatrist Dr. Andrea Furlan led one of three teams worldwide who provided scientific evidence to support their recommendations.

“Currently, there is a significant unmet need for rehabilitation services in these countries and it is frequently undervalued in their health systems,” said Dr. Furlan. “There will be a big impact if countries choose one of these recommendations to implement.”

Providing five of the nine rehabilitation recommendations, Dr. Furlan’s team also included Toronto Rehab’s Dr. Gaetan Tardif, Dr. John Flannery and Dr. Mark Bayley.

Rehabilitation in health systems provides recommendations for Member States and other relevant stakeholders to strengthen and expand the availability of quality rehabilitation services. Earlier this month, the WHO met in Geneva to discuss the strategic direction for implementing the guidelines.

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