The Coriat Family LIFEspan Clinic Launch Event

Toronto Rehab Foundation is tremendously grateful to the Coriat family for their generosity and compassion towards youth living with disability. To celebrate their philanthropy, Toronto Rehab Foundation held a reception on May 2, 2013 to unveil the newly named Coriat Family LIFEspan Clinic.

Attended by David, Lynn and Jessica Coriat, as well as Foundation Chair Tim Casgrain; CEO Cindy Yelle; Senior Vice President and Toronto Rehab Executive Lead Susan Jewell; Dr. Mark Bayley, Medical Director, Brain & Spinal Cord Rehab Program; Joanne Maxwell, Project Manager of LIFEspan and Dolly Menna-Dack, LIFEspan Youth Facilitator, the Coriat family unveiled the Clinic plaque, reviewed renderings of the new space and they were presented with a gift as token of thanks for their generosity.

David and Lynn Coriat, as well as the Slaight Family Foundation, have supported LIFEspan programming and capital renovations to Toronto Rehab’s Neuro Rumsey location.

In recognition of their generosity, Toronto Rehab has named two spaces in their honour:
The Coriat Family LIFEspan Clinic and The Coriat Patient and Family Centre.

The Clinic support will help ensure future program sustainability, including the hiring of a Youth Facilitator. The new Centre will be a hub of activity and act as a comfortable family lounge and eating space that will also allow for patient and staff meetings, with open access to computers and materials such as books, videos and magazines.

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