New clinic prescribes exercise for optimal recovery

Toronto Rehab’s New Cardiopulmonary Exercise Assessment (CPA) Clinic provides specialized fitness testing to determine an optimal exercise prescription for patients within their cardiac and/or neurological limitations. The ultimate goal is to allow early access and participation in fitness and exercise for optimal recovery for patients who have recently experienced strokes or brain injuries.

"The CPA clinic provides patients with parameters for how hard they can push themselves,” says Chris Peppiatt, a physiotherapist in Toronto Rehab’s Stroke Day Hospital. "It helps the patient set goals and develop a fitness plan, and offers them something they can enjoy and use to help them connect with their community."

The CPA Clinic is an integration of two Toronto Rehab programs: Cardiac Rehab and Brain & Spinal Cord Rehab.


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In Photo (UHN): Stoke patient Terra Gregson performs an exercise assessment with Toronto Rehab Physiotherapist Louis Biasin. Through the CPA Clinic, Toronto Rehab is helping Terra to exercise and continue her recovery in her community so she can take care of her son.