National Occupational Therapy Month

October is national occupational therapy month in Canada.

At Toronto Rehab, occupational therapists work with people to achieve their unique “occupations,” which include the daily tasks a person does to accomplish their own care, leisure or productive activities (e.g. work, school, child care). They evaluate a person’s abilities, goals, and environment to create unique solutions that enable safe, independent and meaningful functioning in hospital, home and the community.

Occupational therapy had its foundation as a profession more than 100 years ago and was rooted in engaging in meaningful occupations for therapeutic purposes – including a wide variety of crafts, with the opportunity for creative and artistic expression.

Carrying on this tradition, the Occupational Therapy Arts Group at Toronto Rehab's Lyndhurst Centre was developed as a 10-week, semi-structured OT-run art group to explore the benefits of, and relationship between art and quality of life, self-esteem and transition to the community for individuals with spinal cord injuries. Some of their work is featured in the photo. Read more at UHN News 

Sharing her expertise regarding the profession, in a recent Toronto Star ‘Doctor’s Notes’ Toronto Rehab Senior Scientist Susan Rappolt wrote about how occupational therapists can help with the transition from hospital to home.

Appeared in the Toronto Star October 17, 2016 

In her article, she concludes: “Not everyone will need an occupational therapist. You might be in hospital because you broke your leg — chances are, it will get better and you’ll soon get back to whatever it is you like to do. But for those whose health condition changes the way they get by in the world — who no longer have the physical or cognitive levels they are accustomed to — an occupational therapist can make a world of difference.”

This month we pay tribute to the important role that occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants play in providing incredible care at Toronto Rehab. If there was an occupational therapist or someone else who made your experience at Toronto Rehab exceptional, celebrate them by making a donation to Toronto Rehab Foundation. 
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