Improving physical and mental health in breast cancer survivors

Women are surviving breast cancer at higher rates, but living with the impact of the disease, treatment and surgery. Toronto Rehab has created an innovative program that is helping teach women how to better manage this chronic disease while improving their fitness levels and quality of life.

Offered through Toronto Rehab’s Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program - the largest cardiac rehab program in North America – the HEALTh (Health, Exercise, Active Living and Therapeutic Lifestyle) Program offers a unique blend of education, exercise and peer support to assist women being treated for, and recovering from, breast cancer.

A case manager with the HEALTh Program, Gerilyn Danischesky explains that, "Most of the women feel like they finish their breast cancer treatment and their doctor says they're done and they're better. But, they get home and they don't feel better. And, they don't get back to their normal life. They're fatigued and they've lost strength.
Our program helps guide them to feel better as they settle into their new normal."

"If not for this program, I'd probably still be on the sofa. I was so far out of shape," says Rebecca, who was first diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29. "It put me in a routine and gave me knowledge and education I needed to continue the exercise and nutrition regimen to stay healthy."

"There's something about exercise that makes you feel better about yourself. I'm feeling back to my normal self and positive about the future."

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In Photo (UHN): Rebecca at Toronto Rehab’s Rumsey Centre - Cardiac