Healthy heart tips

In honour of Heart Month, Paul Oh, Medical Director of the Cardiac Rehab and Secondary Prevention Program at Toronto Rehab, shared these healthy heart tips: 

  • Sit less. Long periods of sitting can have a negative impact on your heart health. But, research shows if you sit for more than four hours a day you can counter this by doing 60 to 75 minutes of moderate exercise.  Also, break up your sitting time by taking doing light activity (i.e. walking, stretching).
  • Get moving. Regular exercise (150 minutes/week of aerobic activity) combats the effects of regular stress in our lives. When we stop being active, our body literally shifts the way our nervous system controls our heart, putting us into a state of higher resting "stress."
  • Resistance training. Aerobic exercise is important, but many of us forget the benefits of resistance training at least twice a week. This is important for your heart, muscular development and healthy bones.
After six months of cardiac rehab and following Dr. Oh’s advice, 49 year old Sandra Gee - who was born with a heart condition - had transformed her life from sedentary to active, lost five inches from her waistline, and regained her lost independence.
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Sandra is shown above at Toronto Rehab’s Rumsey Centre walking the indoor track (Photo: UHN). You can join us On Track this Saturday for our On Track to Cardiac Recovery fundraising event.
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