Choreographing an incredible recovery from stroke

While successfully rising in her career, 39-year old professional choreographer Julie Tomaino suffered a series of strokes that left her unable to speak or move.

Getting her life back during her stay in Toronto Rehab’s stroke unit meant two things to Julie: re-learning the skills it takes to choreograph, and gaining the confidence to get back to her craft. Driven by the desire to create a treatment plan that was motivating and meaningful for their patient, Julie's rehab team couldn't resist stepping out of their comfort zone and into the spotlight.

Over a six week period during her recovery, led by Julie, her team planned and rehearsed a dance to the 1980s hit "We Will Rock You" by the band Queen.

"Learning to choreograph again was something I really wanted, and didn't think the team could facilitate," says Julie. "But they supported me fully, and were gung-ho the whole time.”

Julie's creative process gave the gift of hope to other stroke survivors on the unit. One long-term patient, who usually keeps to herself, was encouraged to leave her room and join the audience during a special performance in the 9th floor dining room at Toronto Rehab’s University Centre. Others saw how far she had come, and pushed themselves to stand a little taller, walk a little further, try a little harder.

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UHN photo features the Toronto Rehab dance team (clockwise, from top left): physiotherapist Nina Hovanec, rehab therapist Jennifer Shaw, occupational and physiotherapy assistant Mia Cowan, registered nurse Pema Zela, speech-language pathologist Ruth Levin, choreographer Julie Tomaino and occupational therapist Cindy Ho.