Awards to advance knowledge, skills development and care

Toronto Rehab’s Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Multi-System Program helps patients rehabilitate, recover and regain their independence as quickly as possible following surgery to replace a joint, after having sustained a hip fracture or multiple injuries from a fall or a motor-vehicle accident, or if they have cancer of the bone and surrounding tissues.

Our patients benefit from the expertise of a wide range of skilled rehabilitation professionals who work together in an interprofessional team to provide exceptional care. To offer encouragement, recognition, and assistance to frontline clinicians who wish to advance their knowledge and practice, Goodman Halioua LLP has generously partnered with Toronto Rehab to create the Goodman Halioua Lawyers Education Awards.

Goodman Halioua’s $25,000 investment will inform care to help advance the recovery, health and life outcomes of people affected by musculoskeletal (MSK) injury and conditions by providing support for clinicians to attend national or internationally recognized conferences or courses in their field. This is the first award of its kind offered to clinicians in Toronto Rehab’s Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Multi-System Program.

Founding Partners Elliot Goodman and Adam Halioua presented the inaugural recipients with their awards at a ceremony on November 3, 2016. Accepting awards were Physiotherapists Heather Preston and Andrea Ruby, and Social Worker Trish Unruh.

“We have many clients who have suffered complex fractures from a motor vehicle accident or fall and are proud to support the Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Multi-System Program at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute,” says Adam Halioua. “We hope that our support will assist Toronto Rehab’s already tremendous work in helping these patients reach a full and speedy recovery.”

We are grateful to Goodman Halioua LLP for their vital role in helping advance knowledge, skills development and care at Toronto Rehab.

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In Photo (left-right): Sylvie Robinson, Manager, Musculoskeletal Rehab & Multi-System Program; Adam Halioua, Partner, Goodman Halioua LLP; Trish Unruh, Social Worker; Heather Preston, Physiotherapist; Andrea Ruby, Physiotherapist; Dr. John Flannery, Medical Director, MSK Rehab & Multi-System Program; Elliot Goodman, Partner, Goodman Halioua LLP; and Arlene Manankil-Boyce, Director of Development, Toronto Rehab Foundation