Rehabilitation Day September 17, 2019

The City of Toronto has proclaimed the 3rd Tuesday of September every year as Rehabilitation Day. Aligning with the National Rehabilitation Awareness Week in the U.S., Rehabilitation Day is dedicated to highlighting the importance of rehabilitation and how vital it is in healthcare today.

For this day, we aim to focus on, and acknowledge, anyone and everyone in rehabilitative work including our physicians, psychologists, nurses, scientists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, speech-language pathologists and more. This is a time to highlight the positive impact that their services have in the lives of people at every stage of their life and explore the many different types of rehabilitative services and research.

We invite you to celebrate this day with us by: More events will be announced soon.

We asked Rehab Week 2019 visitors and partners what rehab means to them and here is what they wrote: