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The Blakely Health Innovation Series provides events that feature topical lectures by leading Toronto Rehab experts. Guests gain access to timely information on the latest advancements in rehabilitation and research. Live talks and interactive webinars are open to members of the public.

Past events in The Blakely Health Innovation Series have covered topics such as:

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Eradicating Alzheimer's

Close to one million people in Canada suffer from neurodegenerative disease, with Alzheimer's being chief among them. One of Toronto Rehab's top priorities is to combine state-of-the-art technology with the human brain to accelerate progress and increase hope in the battle against brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. On June 11, 2019, leading experts discussed research at Toronto Rehab and what is being done globally to lay the groundwork for better diagnostics, new methods of prevention, and innovative treatments.

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THRiVE - 12 Steps to Better Health

There is no single thing you can do more to prevent chronic disease than to actively engage in healthy lifestyle choices. THRiVE (or Targeted Health Risk Interventions and Education) is a 12-week online health and wellness program developed by Toronto Rehab that offers steps and strategies that can help you be healthier and live better. This webinar featuring Dr. Paul Oh, Toronto Rehab’s renowned expert on cardiac prevention and rehabilitation, aired live on March 27, 2019. 
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Let's Talk About Anxiety & Depression

A special mental health webinar on January 30, 2019: Bell Let's Talk Day. Moderated by CTV's ETALK Senior Correspondent, Traci Melchor, the webinar features Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Abraham Snaiderman who starts the conversation to lead us to better understand anxiety and depression. His presentation talks about causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment to support yourself or your loved ones. For the final segment, Traci and Dr. Snaiderman are joined by Psychologist Dr. Martha McKay for an interactive panel discussion.
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Solving the Caregiver Crisis

In Canada, more than 8 million caregivers already provide help to an elderly parent or person with disabilities. That number will skyrocket over the next two decades and have a profound impact on families across the country as the number of older adults doubles. Given this major demographic shift, more needs to be done to provide support to family caregivers who already face stress and health-related issues due to their roles.  On December 7, 2018, leading experts addressed the looming caregiver crisis and discussed how caregiver supports and assistive technology can allow seniors to live more independently at home.

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Is Sitting the New Smoking?

Prolonged sitting is fast becoming a ticking health time bomb. Hours of uninterrupted sitting are associated with an elevated risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. On June 25, 2018, Dr. David Alter, Toronto Rehab Chair in Cardiac Rehabilitation, shared the science behind his team’s extraordinary findings and provided important strategies that can reduce health risks associated with sedentary behavior. Watch webinar 

The Silver Tsunami

Every single day for the next 20 years, 1,000 Canadians will be turning 65. By 2030, close to 8 million Canadians - or 25% of the population - will be seniors. On May 2, 2018 a panel of experts from business, health care and research explored the implications of a rapidly aging population for health care and the economy, and discussed the opportunities for older Ontarians to live their lives independently at home and in the community.

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Heart Health Matters

Heart disease currently affects nearly 2.4 million Canadians and is the second leading cause of death in Canada. Ninety per cent of us have at least one risk factor. On February 27, 2018, Dr. Paul Oh, Toronto Rehab’s renowned expert in cardiac prevention and rehabilitation offered an engaging presentation on 10 steps to a healthier heart and a healthier life. Watch webinar

Tackling Pain and the Opioid Crisis

An estimated 6 million Canadians—or about one in five of us—suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain. It is a condition that is complex, poorly understood, and can lead to an over-reliance on opioid medications. On November 28, 2017 our experts explored the issue of pain and its proper management, including steps taken by Toronto Rehab to help stem Canada’s opioid crisis.
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Why Sleep Matters

Disorders like chronic sleep loss and sleep apnea put us at greater risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and motor vehicle accidents. Toronto Rehab is an international leader in sleep medicine including sleep apnea, which affects nearly 2 million Canadians or about 10% of adults. As Canada’s leading adult rehabilitation hospital, Toronto Rehab has the expertise to provide innovative solutions for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. On June 13, 2017, our leading specialists shared important information on new treatments, technologies and research.
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Mental Health and Disability: Brain Health = Mental Health

Mental health and physical health are fundamentally linked. Global estimates indicate that 15% of people live with disability (World Health Organization 2014) and that those living with chronic health conditions such as brain injury and dementia experience depression and anxiety at twice the rate of the general population. As Canada’s leading adult rehabilitation hospital, Toronto Rehab has unique expertise in developing innovative solutions to enhance brain and mental health for people living with disabilities. On April 11, 2017 our experts led an important discussion about Toronto Rehab’s mental health strategy.
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Dementia: Stemming the Tide

With approximately one new case diagnosed every five minutes in Canada, now is the time for accelerating progress and increasing hope in the battle against brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. On November 23, 2016 guests learned about how Toronto Rehab is pioneering new paradigms of care plus new technology and research that are allowing earlier diagnosis. View the presentations by some of our experts: