Sun Life Financial Patient & Family Resource Centre

Sun Life Financial generously supported the capital redevelopment at Toronto Rehab’s University Centre. Thanks in a large part to community support, our physical space now aligns with our patient-centered focus, providing an in-hospital experience that enhances patient outcomes, optimizes patient flow and creates a sense of community.  Two areas have been dramatically enhanced and we are proud to have them carry the Sun Life name:
The Sun Life Financial Patient & Family Resource Centre is located on the 1st
Floor.  The first rehab and wellness focused Resource Centre in downtown Toronto, it opened June 2012 to Toronto Rehab patients and families, former patients, members of the public, students and staff.

This bright space provides a relaxing and quiet place to read and find important health information. 

An essential feature to supporting our patients is providing them with credible health care information, helping them to make informed decisions about their health and to play a more active role in their recovery. Its close proximity to the Innovations Gallery also provides individuals with a unique opportunity to access the latest research and innovations under development at Toronto Rehab.

The Sun Life Financial Treatment Area, located on the 10th Floor, supports healing and recovery for patients who have suffered an acquired brain injury. Its convenient and purpose-built location on the patient floor offers easy access to daily therapies and helps staff increase the number of patients seen in a day.  These advancements are resulting in an enhanced therapy experience and improved rehabilitation process for our patients and staff.
Check out the Sun Life Patient & Family Resource Centre Newsletter, July 2014 edition, for a variety of free and accessible summer activities in Toronto.